text 7 Apr Fulhäst on Soundcloud

I’m gonna start putting up all my future demo/bedroom recordings on soundcloud. It’s a lot more user friendly than the tumblr player. The two most recent ones are up there now.

I also have two more new brand songs that I will try to record at some point soon. One is a 25 second thing called Exercism and it’s about wanting to run until you vomit, for the sole purpose of just feeling something.

The second one is called Linear Zig-Zag and it’s about how sometimes even chaos can feel boring and routine. I have actually recorded this, but it didn’t quite work.  You see, it involves a lot of screaming…and I was worried the neighbours would complain, so I tried to sing/scream with a pillow pressed against my face and the mic on the other side. It just sounds like like I’m being tortured…which would be fine…but you can’t actually make anything out. I will try again at a more civilised time.

audio 6 Apr

And ok…here is the second one. It’s a beast at 4 minutes (I know! sell-out!) I forgot to change the tempo and then when I realised how fucking slow it was I had already recorded the guitar and I just couldn’t be bothered. Same set-up, but I tried to fiddle with the drums in the different parts. Garageband is weird.

This one is called Addicted To Disaster.

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audio 6 Apr

So, I noticed that there was a new version of Garageband out, so I decided to play around a bit with it. Extremely simple set up, with my guitar straight into my laptop’s audio input and vocals through the internal microphone. I have no idea how to work the drums on Garageband, so it’s whatever popped up automatically, at the default tempo.

It’s a brand new song that I wrote today, so I’m sure lyrics etc will change somewhat…it’s called Glitter Tears.

and sorry…it’s another breaky-uppy thing. If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it…no wait…it is broken…if it’s broken, keep doing it.

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audio 21 Mar

I’m not dead…I’m just figuring some shit out. I’ve started playing some songs with a drummer. Just hanging out with a Game Boy gets a bit boring sometimes. So now I’m trying to get excited about playing music again. I still can’t play guitar, but I’m learning and having fun…he’s learning to play drums. I think we’re a good match. It’s messy and fun. Here’s a phone recording of an old song…taken last night in the practise room.

I think I might call this project Finhäst.

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video 16 Oct

Here’s a video I made for But They Don’t Even Sell Lo-Fi Parasols In Top Shop a few weeks ago. It’s a very simple, basic thing and features me, as well as some lovely people from Tigercats and Fever Dream.

The spinning footage was shot at the Deerhunter ATP in the summer. The shots of Fever Dream was shot in Crystal Palace in February. It was actually meant to be used in their video, but in the end that never happened.

Then there’s some Gameboy camera footage in there, as well as some captured LSDJ video. It might even be the right track and everything. I think so.

video 2 Oct

My next two shows! Hastings on 11th Oct and Deptford on 14th Oct! Yeah!

video 22 Aug

My next two gigs. Proud Gallery Camden on 29th August and teh Vagina Monolodge Garden Party in Birmingham on 31st August!

video 30 Jul

Someone filmed me playing a song (Twiddle from the new album) at the Buffalo Bar the other day. One day I’ll play guitar without looking completely terrified.

text 30 Jul 'Broken' is out now!

My record is out now! You can get it from itunes, amazon, Spotify, emusic and all those places, but I shouldn’t have to tell you that if you really want to support independent music, bands and labels, you should shop as close to the source as possible.

You can buy both physical copies (which come with a direct digital download) and downloads (in your choice of format) straight from the Fika Records shop.

Sorry, the new bandcamp players are rubbish in this particular tumblr theme. That is not how it’s supposed to look. scroll over the image and you can listen anyway….kind of. If it doesn’t work, just go to the Fika website.

photo 19 Jul

My record now has proper printed inserts and stuff. Yup.

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